Burlesque On Demand: Drag Culture and Sex Work During Quarantine

VH1 must be thrilled that the first episode of the latest season of RuPaul’s Drag Race aired right before the pandemic started. As a trans, queer, polyamorous person, I make sure that the media I consume is as LGBTQ friendly as possible.  The events I attend are almost exclusively queer events. No offense to theContinue reading “Burlesque On Demand: Drag Culture and Sex Work During Quarantine”

Queer Commentary: How to Discuss LGBTQ+ Issues

Once you get me started talking about a topic, I can’t seem to figure out how to stop. I lived in a small town with more cows than mailboxes, at a crossroads between Suburbia and Farmville.  Growing up neurodivergent, queer, trans, and liberal in a conservative town meant that I often ran into resistance forContinue reading “Queer Commentary: How to Discuss LGBTQ+ Issues”

Drag Perversion: Revamping the ‘Queer’ Community for the New Age of Drag

‘RuPaul’s Drag Race’ wants to be the ‘American Idol’ of the LGBTQ community, but it feels more ‘Real Housewives’ than ‘Queer Eye.’ To be fair, Drag Race has always been reality TV. People come for the petty in-fighting, and stay for the “sashay away.” Nobody watches Say Yes to the Dress to celebrate engagements ofContinue reading “Drag Perversion: Revamping the ‘Queer’ Community for the New Age of Drag”

Is “Auti-Gender” a Thing?

The intersection of the autistic and transgender communities And as an autistic and trans non-binary person, I generally find myself at a pretty liberal cross section of online discourse. I have very strongly held beliefs, but I enjoy finding out reasons why people believe what they believe. Food for thought becomes a thought experiment whichContinue reading “Is “Auti-Gender” a Thing?”

Can Trans Guys Wear Makeup?

Gender Expression for Dummies So, you wanna be a man, huh? Time to throw away the hundreds of dollars of makeup that you have been forced to buy your whole life.  You won’t need them anymore! My experience wasn’t so clear. When I started to transition, throwing away my makeup was not an issue forContinue reading “Can Trans Guys Wear Makeup?”

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