“What’s Wrong with Your Kid?”: Enabling Abuse

The secret to my drag is that I never use foundation. Ever. Although, I guess it’s no secret. I am very open about my hatred for any and all liquid or powder foundation. I can put layer upon layer of face paint over my skin, but even a single swipe of concealer makes me feelContinue reading ““What’s Wrong with Your Kid?”: Enabling Abuse”

“Smile! Smile for REAL!”

I hated my picture taken as a child. The idea that I was not very photogenic, or even willing to have my picture taken, might be surprising to those of you who follow me on Facebook or Instagram. I can spend hours in front of the camera now. As a child, the gazing black eyeContinue reading ““Smile! Smile for REAL!””

Did it Help?: The Aftermath of Shame

My childhood was marked by obedience. I was willing to do whatever I was told, or I was not to be seen. From the time I was born, my family went to my grandparents house every single Sunday. When I was three, I was expected to greet every member of my family with a warmContinue reading “Did it Help?: The Aftermath of Shame”

Self-Diagnosis is Valid, Please Stop Asking.

This morning, I was in a Facebook support group for people who live with Dissociative Identity Disorder (DID). I spend most mornings on message boards for mental health support, recovering from my nightmares. The first post I came across came with a disclaimer, not a trigger warning. At the top, the original poster (OP) wrote:Continue reading “Self-Diagnosis is Valid, Please Stop Asking.”

I’m OK, Thanks: The frustrations of food aversions as an Autistic adult

As I am writing this, I’m eating pretzels. I‘m really hungry, and I don’t really want pretzels.  But my mind is allowing me to eat them right now, so I’m eating them. Being autistic means I do things only when I’m “allowed” to do them. Nobody is giving me these limitations; they are internal. IContinue reading “I’m OK, Thanks: The frustrations of food aversions as an Autistic adult”

Over-Diagnosed: How numerous diagnoses prevented me from a single treatment plan

My happy place as a child was the nurses’ office.  Something about that clean, plastic-covered, piece of foam on a metal cot just called to me: “nap time.” School was an overwhelming place. I had a little trouble making friends. These are all normal feelings for an autistic child, but nobody in my family consideredContinue reading “Over-Diagnosed: How numerous diagnoses prevented me from a single treatment plan”

Is “Auti-Gender” a Thing?

The intersection of the autistic and transgender communities And as an autistic and trans non-binary person, I generally find myself at a pretty liberal cross section of online discourse. I have very strongly held beliefs, but I enjoy finding out reasons why people believe what they believe. Food for thought becomes a thought experiment whichContinue reading “Is “Auti-Gender” a Thing?”

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